Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This semester has been a trip.. and my special gift to Art 100

I haven't been through so many emotions in one semester. It's been an interesting trip, and I can say it was a learning experience, although not necessarly a fun one. I have been teetering on the positive scale of depression and anxiety pretty much all semester. Ive had to deal with past heartbreaks, things ive been trying to bury away, stresses of friendship and bearing the load of many for classes. But thats a good thing... You must face your demons and the things you fear, and cause you dis-ease. I will never be able to erase the name Marina Abramovic from my mind ever again. She has moved me. After hearing about her, i was thrust into a 2 day mindfuck/depression. Other fancies of the semester: Pollock. LACMA. Tagging/Urban graffiti. Museum Of Jurrasic Technology, VENICE BEACH ART WALLS!!!! Coco Fusco. The Cacophony Society, flash mobs, happenings. I've been inspired all semester, yet let down because a majority of things i enjoy about what we have learned arent present. Oh well, LA and SF is calling to me, so eventually ill go to one. BUT! Heres my gift to everyone, plus some tracks ive been listening to lately, and my personal thoughts on it. Enjoy! ;)

Ok, here is a youtube "video" (basically a picture with effects) I made for my remix of Young Nosha's video "Rapper passes out from blunt hit". Musically, its been called "Young Nosha - Get Smoked By That Blunt".. so I did a proper techno/electronic remix from scratch using his vocals, fruity loops studio 5 and basic samples/vst's/effects. I made this track over a week ago, finalized the video on youtube on the 14th, and now im sharing with you now!
This track here, I heard for the first time in years a few days ago. It has consumed me ever since, and it has made me over the last few days shed more tears than I have in a long time. This is very nostalgic to me, and it represents a mindset, a way of life that has slowly disappeared in the Los Angeles rave scene. This is such a moving experience, I dont know why LA has phased out Happy Hardcore... =`( Seriously, I cry each time I listen to this track...

Okok, enough of the cheezy touchy feely emotional shiz. Let's Get fucking DIRTY AND GRIMY!!!
Ive just recently heard of drumstep, and this shit is fucking so dirty, that I dont want to get clean. Fucking amazing. This is the future of edm.

And this is just pure sex. Taking the best of Scarface and making it a smooth yet semi dirty drumstep monster. Im telling you, drumstep is coming up. I love the classics, trance, house, dnb, techno, happy hardcore, but this young beast is going to explode.

Take care, its been a trip.

Id like to keep in touch with thoes who care to care back.


Yours Truely,


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Earth/Land Art!

I know its not much, but I wanted either to do something on a big scale, or something small and simple. I unfortunately had to go with small and simple, I don't have the time required to do something on a bigger scale. Here I just collected up various colorful objects in the yard.. we have these little white flower things that drop from the tree, and the red flowers were from a bush thing we have out there as well. As for the sand, theres this small patch of this sand by the garage door. Completely out of place, so i had to use it! haha. I wanted bright colors, and wanted to use yellow flowers we have, but none have fallen off the plant yet, and i dont want to disrupt it :). Anyways.. I wanted it to flow, but at the same time just kinda go with what felt right and not think about it so much (maybe i should think about it more!) Anyways, enjoy my lil slice of art ;)

M4 #8 Robert Smithson

Robert Smithson (January 2, 1938–July 20, 1973) was an American artist famous for his land art.

The Spiral Jetty, considered to be the main work of American sculptor Robert Smithson, is an earthwork sculpture constructed in 1970. Composed of mud and basalt rocks on the northern shore of the Great Salt Lake 30 miles from Brigham, Utah, it forms a 457-meter-long counterclockwise coil jutting from the shore of the lake. The coil is only visible when the level of the Great Salt Lake is low.

This is an interesting piece of work, its land art on a massive scale! Taking something natural and making it into an un-natural spectacle to look at. I think it would be pretty fun to walk the entire length!

This one is called Broken Circle.. I find this very interesting and nice to look at, as with the first one its taking natural materials and forming it into very un-natural, aesthetically pleasing image. I think it would be very fun to design and actually make something like this.

M4 #7 Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi (November 17, 1904 – December 30, 1988) was a prominent Japanese American artist and landscape architect whose artistic career spanned six decades, from the 1920s onward. Known for his sculpture and public works, Noguchi also designed stage sets for various Martha Graham productions, and several mass-produced lamps and furniture pieces, some of which are still manufactured and sold.

Portal: This is a piece in Cleveland, Ohio. Pretty darn interesting.. and huge! This reminds me of something a computer company would use for thier logo ;)

Red Cube: This one is in New York. Looks like a die if you ask me! Snake eyes!! Haha..

I didnt catch the name of this one. This one is pretty cool too. I wish sometimes I could see all these works of art in person, and not just by images. They dont do it much justice! I wouldnt even know where to start in regards to making work like this. It must take a huge out of the box thinking and focus to be able to create something like this. And for that reason, i pay homage and respect to artists like Isamu Noguchi!

M4 #6 David Wilson and Trip to Museum of Jurassic Technology

David Hildebrand Wilson is the co-founder of the Museum of Jurrasic Technology along with his wife, Diana Wilson. He was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship in 2001.  He received an MFA in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts in 1976. He and his museum are the subject of the book, "Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder".

I decided that I would go to the Mueseum of Jurassic Technology for my museum visit. After hearing such negative reviews of FarmLab I decided to check out this little gem, plus I love visits to West LA ;) Anyways this place is tiny on the outside and I got lost looking for it, driving up and down Venice Blvd a few times before stopping off at a Starbucks for a coffee and directions. Good thing, because the lovely barista girl told me it was just a few min walk up Venice. Sweet! I totally forgot to take a picture of the entrance, but here a a few of the shots I thought were awesome.

 This was a "horn" from some ladies head!

 This was interesting, it was a fox/dog(?) head and when you walk up it started barking and growling.. but when you looked into this lil thing, you see an image of a sitting man doing the barking noises.. trippy!

 This contraption was cool, every so often it would spin and ring all the bells that was on it.. I was almost afraid to come into this room because it was so luminous and... scary haha.
 xray radiographs of plants!

 This is a sculpture of Goofy.. yes, its sitting on the head of a needle. Tiny!!
 This is the Pope in the eye of a needle
 And this is Napoleon Bonaparte
An image of mother and child, child has a nasty case of gangrene of the feet. This photo doesnt do it justice, you could see the bones in the feet and everything. crazy.

 A room full of Napoleon stuff.
 Seen off of Venice Blvd in Culver City
 Same street, different truck haha
 A picture from the parking structure.
 Photo of downtown from the parking structure
Downtown Los Angeles taken from the 10 freeway

Saturday, May 14, 2011

M4 #5 Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović (November 30, 1946) is a New York-based Yugoslavian performance artist who began her career in the early 1970s. Active for over three decades, she has recently begun to describe herself as the “grandmother of performance art.” Abramović's work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

Rhythm 0, 1974
To test the limits of the relationship between performer and audience, Abramović developed one of her most challenging (and best-known) performances. She assigned a passive role to herself, with the public being the force which would act on her.
Abramović had placed upon a table 72 objects that people were allowed to use (a sign informed them) in any way that they chose. Some of these were objects that could give pleasure, while others could be wielded to inflict pain, or to harm her. Among them were a rose, a feather, honey, a whip, scissors, a scalpel, a gun and a single bullet. For six hours the artist allowed the audience members to manipulate her body and actions.

Initially, members of the audience reacted with caution and modesty, but as time passed (and the artist remained impassive) people began to act more aggressively. As Abramović described it later:

“What I learned was that... if you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you.” ... “I felt really violated: they cut up my clothes, stuck rose thorns in my stomach, one person aimed the gun at my head, and another took it away. It created an aggressive atmosphere. After exactly 6 hours, as planned, I stood up and started walking toward the audience. Everyone ran away, to escape an actual confrontation.”

Now this has to be the one artist/performance this semester that had me in shock. Watching and listening to her interview in class, had my stomach in knots. The discussion of why she would do that had me thinking. I believe its for the experience. Most people don't (as Glenn mentioned) want to experience the things she left herself open for, but she put it all out there for the experience. You can't really fear something (as much) after its already been done to you. At least as an performance art piece, it can be controlled and monitored. I admire her for her ability to put herself into thoes shoes. Marina, you are my master :)

M4 #4 Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy (born 26 July 1956) is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist producing site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland.

This is really interesting to me because of its simplicity, but also because its so mesmerizing. Imagine stumbling upon this while your out of a hike. Would be pretty cool to look at! Land art seems to be the most basic form (not the least at all though) since all your tools and medium is just earth itself! Plus it gives you something to do beside sit at home and watch tv!!

Now i like this one here because it reminds me of a prehistoric fossil. It almost makes you question if this was natural or man made (obviously its man made) but at first glance and thought you can believe it was nature-made, or a fossil of some kind. This one looks a bit more difficult than the first photo, but its still art in a very simplistic, cheap form!